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Russ McCullough

Charlotte, NC


About the author:

Russ McCullough lives in Charlotte, NC with his wife, Nancy, of 30 years. They have 4 wonderful children and, Lord willing, will become grandparents in September 2007. Russ and Nancy worship with the Archdale church of Christ in Charlotte where they serve the congregation in several ways for the glory of God. As a "redeemed sinner" himself, Russ determined to make this material available to as many other sinners as possible. He prays to see you, your family, and your friends in heaven someday as a result of God's Word being made available by this website graciously maintained by DogwoodNC. He would love to hear from you TODAY!



Thank you for prayerfully reasoning with us regarding the Scriptures! May God bless you as you continue 
"searching the Scriptures daily to see whether or not these things are so!"

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